Treasurers in the UK will be particularly mindful of the recent changes in Charities Law regarding accounting practices for charities and churches.  In particular, the need for many churches to produce their tax returns in accruals format, consistent with SORP (2005) guidelines, or on a Receipts and Payments basis.  SORP is also a format more widely accepted as good accounting practice.  Thankfully the Omega Church Accounts module will produce all reports necessary, whatever your church's requirements.

Of course, this is all in addition to the functions essential for good church financial management, such as Income Recording, Gift Aid claiming (UK) and production of an annual report, to name but a few!  You do not need to be an Accountant to use Omega Church Accounts.  Its easy to use, wizard-based interface guides you through setup and all the day to day accounting processes and tax returns.

Income RecordingIncome Recording

  • Comprehensive envelope management
  • Batched recording screens
  • Weekly income searching by envelope
  • Cheques and cash recording search by contact name
  • Auto-reconcile feature
  • Reporting by fund, batch and date
  • Annual report function
  • Contribution letters

Gift AidGift Aid

  • Manage declaration information directly
  • Print declaration forms and verbal confirmations
  • R68 forms
  • Reclaim tax on donations up to 6 years previous
  • Fund allocation reports
  • Preview and reprint claims at any stage

Omega AccountsOmega Accounts

omega accounts

The Accounts module produces a whole range of customisable financial reports, ensuring that the needs of your own individual church continue to be met. It is fund-based, allowing you to keep track of individual fund activities. 

Omega Accounts is the only part of the Omega Church program which, although included in the full program, can also be purchased separately.


  • Predefined templates for many denominations or customise your own
  • Record income and expense
  • Fund management
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Regular payments (incoming and outgoing)
  • Trial Balance, Balance Sheet and SOFA reports
  • Receipts and Payments report

Please also take a look at the administration and pastoral features of Omega.

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